Need to Rent a Truck to Move Your Child to College? Drive a Ford Expedition Instead


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Starting college can be a trying time for so many reasons. Your child is all grown up (mostly) and leaving the nest. You're not sure you're ready for how quiet home will be without them, and they're on the verge of breaking down every time they think of never taking another class with their high school friends.

Amid the stress, you may forget one crucial detail: getting the contents of their childhood bedroom packed up and moved into a college dorm room.

There's a lot of stuff to go through, from books and backpacks, to furniture, to posters, to bedding. You might think you need to rent a moving van just to fit it all.

If you're in the market for an SUV, make it a Ford Expedition, and never have cargo-space anxiety again.

The full-size, three-row Expedition has over 108 cubic feet of cargo volume when the rear two rows are folded. The Expedition EL bumps that to over 130 cubic feet. If you can't fit all of your student's belongings in there... well, they probably won't fit inside a tiny freshman dorm.

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