Wheel Alignment 'Cam' and 'Toe' and How They Affect Your Fuel Economy

Let's look at two of the components of wheel alignment that can negatively impact the gas mileage of your car.
  1. The Vertical Factor 'Camber:' Is your tire straight up and down from the point of reference that is where it is touching the ground? In other words, if you look at your tires, are they leaning in towards the body of your car or leaning outwards away from your car? Tires that are not 'Straight Up and Down' do not only suffer increased wear, but they create extra friction between the tire and the road lowering the fuel economy of your car.
  2. The Horizontal Factor 'Toe:' Believe it or not, your tires should not all be pointed exactly straight forward. The ideal situation is they are all pointed slightly in towards your car. These 'Toe In' position, if not overdone, is ideal for handling and control of your car as well as contributing to better fuel economy.
Proper wheel alignment not only makes your car safer when driving, it also increases the fuel economy of your car.
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