1 in 606 Used Cars in Wisconsin Has Been Title Washed. How to Avoid Scams After Hurricane Season

Thousands of cars were destroyed by flood damage after Hurricane Harvey, and even more flooded cars will soon follow Hurricane Irma. Even though Green Bay is far away from the disaster zones, it's still possible some of those cars will wind up being sold here... and you might not realize what you're buying.

Be on alert for used cars that may have been title-washed. These vehicles appear to have a clean title, even though their title should be branded with flood, or salvage. According to Cars.com, as many as 1 in 606 used cars in Wisconsin are title-washed.

Avoid being cheated when you buy a pre-owned car by working with a reputable dealership, like Broadway Ford. The less you know about who is selling you a car, the more likely they are to sell you a fraud.

It's best to check the condition of a car with your own eyes—or a mechanic's eyes—before agreeing to purchase. It's easy to wash and re-upholster a flood-damaged car, but it's impossible to hide the rust, debris, and damaged electronics under the hood.

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