What the Markings on Your Tire Mean

There are a number of markings, numbers, and letters that you can find on the sidewall of your car's tires. These marks indicate safety standards, brand, model and also the size of the tire. These size markings can help you to understand more about your car's tires and help you choose replacement tires when it's time for a new set.

The size markings on your tires will have a first letter that indicates whether it's a passenger car or light truck. Next, you'll find numbers for the width of the tire, the height of the sidewall, the speed rating of the tire, the diameter of the wheel and the load capacity of the tire.

If you want to learn more about your car's tires and maybe order a new set, come into our service center at Broadway Ford. Our friendly, knowledgeable technicians will help you to find the right choice.

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