Understanding Why Your Car Engine is Overheating

The overheating if your car engine can have significantly serious consequences. The first step in addressing an overheating engine is knowing the cause. There are a number of primary causes associated with an overheating engine.

Perhaps the most common cause of an overheating engine is that the coolant is not of a proper concentration. This can be corrected fairly easily. Another reason why an engine may overheat is a malfunctioning or failed water pump. A car engine may overheat as the result of some kind of blockage in the system. Yet another potential cause of an overheating car engine is a leak somewhere in the cooling system.

If you are experiencing an issue with your cooling system, and cannot identify the cause on your own, a specialist in our service center can assist at Broadway Ford. Once the problem is identified, we can get your cooling system in order and function properly.

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