Highlights of Ford's Upcoming 2020 Lineup

North American drivers have a lot of innovative changes to look forward to from Ford. The Ford 2020 Lineup will include a wide array of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, battery electric vehicles, and new-gen hybrid electrics. Two notable rollouts set for 2020 are mobile generators and new hybrid powertrains.

Ford wants to offer more space in their new-gen hybrid electrics than is currently offered today. In addition, the company plans on making their new-gen hybrid vehicles capable of serving as mobile generators and greater pulling power. Ford's 2020 truck the F-150 will have a mobile generator and a new hybrid powertrain. Its body will likely be made of military-grade aluminum for great durability and weight savings just as the current model.

These changes for the Ford 2020 lineup are just two of the many impressive updates Ford plans on rolling out. Ford is prepared to protect its brand as one of the top in the automotive industry.



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