Look at These Ford Fusion Energi Technology Features

The new Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid comes with a number of technology features.

The new Ford Fusion Energi has a safety feature that makes driving more easy and convenient. Simply activate the Adaptive Cruise Control and the radar system will scan far ahead of your vehicle to locate a lead car and set a safe driving buffer.

If that lead car slows, your vehicle is powered down in an effort to maintain that buffer. The way that the Cross-Traffic Alert system works with the all-new Ford Fusion Energi is by utilizing sensors to scan behind your vehicle for any traffic in your path as you ride in reverse. If detected, the driver will receive a number of warning alerts to proceed driving in reverse cautiously until clear of traffic.

As impressive as this list of features may be, take a minute and visit Broadway Ford so you can see them up close when you take the Ford Fusion Energi for a test drive.

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