Check Out the Ford C-MAX Today

The Ford C-MAX is an excellent hybrid, and popular among car enthusiasts who are looking to drive a vehicle that is more environmentally friendly. The fuel economy is excellent, and the horsepower of the Ford C-MAX doesn't disappoint. At a horsepower of 188, you will get the speed and strength you want from your vehicle.

Rated best in the class of small hybrid vehicles, the Ford C-MAX provides you with a variety of features. Check out the regenerative braking and brake coach, which allows the power that was once lost from braking to be stored in your car battery instead. Energy efficient, fast and earth-friendly, all in one vehicle.

Try a Ford C-MAX today by visiting Broadway Ford and taking one out for a test drive. A member of our sales team will show you all of the features of this popular hybrid and answer any of the questions you have.

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