Ford Fusion: Best Tech Features

It's not hard to understand why the Ford Fusion remains one of the most popular mid-size sedans on the market. It's also a personal favorite among all of us here at Broadway Ford in Green Bay, WI. Not only is the Ford Fusion eco-friendly, but it's also extremely high tech. Here are two of the Ford Fusion's tech features we love most.

Energy Modes to Choose From

Fusion runs on electricity, gas or both, offering three energy modes to choose from. EV Later saves electricity for later use. EV Now lets you use stored electricity in the present. Auto EV uses electricity but switches to a gas engine when necessary. The modes result in high efficiency that reduces harmful emissions while maintaining great mileage.

A Personal "Green" Driving Coach

The Ford Fusion has a built-in driving coach that teaches you how to drive efficiently and tells you when you are. The SmartGuage with EcoGuide lets you see engine power, battery power and monitor your powertrain for more efficiency on the road. As you drive more efficiently, leaves and vines flourish in the right-side cluster of the EcoGuide LCD display.

To see for yourself, swing by Broadway Ford in Green Bay, WI today to test drive the Ford Fusion.

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