Ford Mustang Handling Features and Performance

There are several new models available with the Ford Mustang, and it has multiple drive modes. With fast and sharp handling, you can take on any corners with its athletic sports car build. With smooth, speedy shifting and an amazing transmission, the standard V6 engine can do it all. However, you’ll get more performance from the V8 engines. There are also multiple options for handling and braking.

The Mustang comes standard with rear-wheel drive. Fast and athletic handling but lightweight, it feels effortless driving this sports car. The standard rear-wheel drive is included with the base edition, but there are upgrades available that allow you to customize your drive with different modes. You can choose between drag strip, sport plus, track, snow/wet, and normal. These different modes are fun and economic to use depending on the situation, and it changes your handling depending on the terrain.

The all-new Ford Mustangs are here. To see the latest lineup, stop by Broadway Ford located in Greenbay, WI.

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