New Ford Ranger New Design

Ford is a brand that has always been known for its pickup trucks. From the heavy-duty Super Duty to the bestselling truck in the world the F-150, Ford knows how to make a good truck. They continue this trend with the revival of the Ranger. The Ranger is back, with an all-new design and chassis.

The Ford Ranger is a new stylish midsize pickup truck that has the performance and the design to match any of your needs. You can get the Ranger in the Supercab style, which has a longer truck bed and bench seats in the rear. You can also get the Ranger in the Supercrew configuration, which will give the Ranger 4 full doors and a 5-foot truck bed instead of a 6-foot one.

The Ford Ranger is a capable hauler, off-roader, daily driver, and personnel carrier. You just need to find the Ranger that is the correct specification for you. You can find yours at Broadway Ford and take it for a test drive.

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