The Rugged Ford F-150

If you're looking for a truck that you can rely on, give the new Ford F-150 a shot. This popular full-sized pickup truck is built from the frame up with toughness in mind. It has a rugged body that's engineered to help you get any job done with ease. We here at Broadway Ford in Green Bay, WI are ready to show you what the F-150 can really do.

The frame of the F-150 uses a fully boxed design. It's predominantly made of high-strength steel. Thick cross members are added as well. They help to provide more support to the bed, resulting in a high maximum payload. This unique design also prevents structural twisting over time.

On top of the frame is an aluminum-alloy body. This isn't just any standard aluminum. It's a high-strength military-grade material that's been heavily treated for strength. The material is very tough and resistant to dents. Despite this, the alloy is considerably light.

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