Advanced Technology in the Ford Escape

As crossover SUVs are becoming more popular, consumers are expecting more technology to be available in them. The Ford understands this trend, so they have packed the Escape full of advanced technology. Our team in Green Bay, WI enjoys learning how to use all of the new technology on the Ford Escape.

One of the biggest technologies integrated into the Escape is FordPass Connect. This feature allows an app on your phone to control and monitor your vehicle. You can also set a schedule for your vehicle and it can act as a wifi hotspot for your passengers. Another great technology integrated into the Escape is Amazon Alexa. This allows your home assistant to follow you into your car and perform many of the same tasks she can in your home.

If all of this technology intrigues you go ahead and take the Ford Escape for a test drive at Broadway Ford. Our staff will be able to help you with all of the technology onboard the Escape.

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