Flaunt Your Style in the New Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has been around for years, and it has refreshingly evolved with the times. Power, prestige, and performance fit into one package, and few competitors can give this vehicle a run for its money. The appearance of this three-row SUV is nothing short of spectacular and here is why.

Consumers will get a chance to choose from up to nine wheel options with this SUV. Chrome, blacked-out and aluminum are some of the choices. On the other hand, the Explorer possesses beautiful LED lighting. This particular lighting is actually signature lighting, and it displays a vivid shine under any atmospheric situation. Its mesh grille proudly displays the brand's iconic Blue Oval, and there is strong body molding near the bottom side of the SUV. This body molding is dark, and it spreads around the wheel arches for a unique look.

The Ford Explorer's eye-catching silhouette can be seen best up-close and personal so stop by our location whenever you find the time.

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