Does the 2019 Ford Fiesta Include a Navigation System?

What’s that old joke about a woman stopping at a gas station for directions while a man will drive around in circles before admitting a lack of knowledge? You don’t have to worry about that anymore. The Ford Fiesta introduces a new navigation system with SiriusXM traffic and navigation link.

Whether you are driving around Green Bay, WI or in another part of the world, the SiriusXM traffic and navigation link provide updated information on upcoming traffic, alternative routes, and additional navigational tools all activated by either touch control or voice activation. There are no additional costs as the first five-years of SiriusXM membership is part of the purchase cost of the Fiesta.

Come to Broadway Ford for a demonstration of the advantage the SiriusXM traffic and navigation link gives you. We can set your voice activation with your cooperation to get you started on a carefree experience.

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