The Ford Edge Has a Smart Parking System

Many parking spaces have wide layouts that are easy to access. However, in some communities, there are spots where space is limited. The process of maneuvering an average vehicle into a narrow space without bumping nearby obstacles can be challenging with help. If you need assistance while parking in these types of spaces, the Ford Edge's parking system can provide benefits.

The Edge has cameras and sensors around its base. These technologies work together to gather data during the parking process. As the Edge maneuvers on a lot, specific components in key spots monitor hazards in the surroundings. Then, a guidance system highlights the risks on a screen in the cabin. You can rely on Ford Edge's parking system while accessing perpendicular spots or parallel parking spaces.

At Broadway Ford in Green Bay, WI, we have many Ford vehicles lined up on the lot. As a result, you can test the Ford Edge's parking system before taking it out for a short test drive.

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